Our Mission

The “Black Men, Women and Children Deserve” campaign serves to help support these families financially to help sustain these households in the involuntary absence of their fathers. We appreciate your support!

Jeremy Jerdine

I’m Kenya Jerdine, the wife of Jeremy Jerdine (15 yrs). Jeremy was a son, a brother, an uncle , a friend, a husband however most importantly he was a father. Jeremy was a father to a 19 (d), 14 (s), 12 (d) and 8 year old (s). We were a very happy family. We made tons of traditions together and created hundreds of memories together. Jeremy was the patriarch of our family. He helped instill morals and principles within me and our children that only the head of a household could do. He created structure in our home and he filled it with love. His presence in our home meant everything to each of us. We would all get so excited when he came home at the end of his work day. His presence at the end of our day would make our home and our hearts feel complete. My children’s prayer at the dinner table would always include “please let daddy make it home safely”. Now that he’s gone to be with the Lord prematurely at age 33 because of senseless gun violence, I’m now  a widowed mother of 4. I'm working tirelessly daily to fill the role of both my husband and I. The hardest part is raising our children alone with the intent of being sure that my children beat the odds/statistics that are in place for fatherless children. The individual who killed my husband not only took my husband but you took the HEAD of our household, our foundation, our structure, our future, our father, our support system, in fact you took everything away from us. He was our everything. Now my daily prayer is “Jesus give me the strength to carry my cross (widowhood) as you carried your cross”. “Jesus give me the knowledge, power & understanding to raise my children physically alone”. 

My husband, my children’s father; Deserved to grow old. 

Shun Boyd

Shun “Black” Boyd is the name my brother went by because he didn’t like his biological name. His family called him Shun and his friends called him Black. He was a loving man who had a heart of gold! He would give you his last. He loved being a father, his children were his everything and he would do anything for them. He was not only a great father figure for his children, he also stepped in to be great father figures to numerous children in his neighborhood whose fathers were not alive or present. 

Shun passed away on November 4, 2020. Until this day we are not sure what happened to my brother but we do know his life was taken due to gun violence. 

The loss of my brother impacted our family in ways we could never imagine. Little did he know, he was the glue that kept everyone together. To have a life taken so suddenly is a different feeling, one that you can never be understood. His sons have to go through life without their father. They have no male figure that they can come to for advice when life gets hard. My mother, sister, and I no longer have someone to call for advice as well and we no longer have our protector. I can’t imagine losing a child or parent , so I know the loss of my brother is extremely hard on my mother and nephews. Ever since I was a child dreaming of my wedding, my brother was the person who would walk me down the aisle, and this can never happen. I’m trying to put into words how our lives have changed but you really can’t because that feeling is a void that can never be filled.

Reginald Thomas

My name is Brittney Thomas, and I am the sister of Reginald “Reggie” Thomas II. Reggie was a son, brother, partner, and friend, but of all the titles he carried, he was most proud to be a father. His children were his pride and joy. Reggie had a big heart and an even bigger smile. His charming and charismatic personality left a lasting impression on everyone he encountered. On April 28, 2021, Reggie’s life was tragically taken at the hands of a stranger who decided to rob and murder him. Our family structure is forever changed, and we feel the impact of his death in many ways. Our hearts are heavy with missing him daily. In addition to missing him physically, we feel his absence in every role he filled. Reggie was a protector and provider to his family, a helping hand to his parents, a joy to his friends, and a role model and favorite play partner to his sons. He always knew how to guide them in the right direction while still maintaining that playful spirit that fathers seem to balance so well. Reggie had a zest and love for life. He truly deserved to grow old.

How your support helps us

We are donating a third of all the proceeds to help support the needs of these three families. A portion of that money will be used to pay for therapy, financial advisors, and financial support of the families. We appreciate your support!