The statistics around mortality in the black community are alarming and disheartening, particularly in men. This initiative was created to advocate for those black men.
- Mia Jaye

Meet The Families

I initiated the Black Men Deserve to Grow Old campaign after losing my brother Jeremy Jerdine to black interracial crime in 2020.

After my brother's death, I realized how common violence against members of the same communities is in America and how prevalent it is within the black community.

Black Homicide Statistics

Black Men and Boys who are 20 times more likely than white men, to die prematurely due to homicide.

These statistics are so disheartening and frightening and because of the remaining black men in my life that I love and care for,  I am advocating for them as well as the men you love in effort for them to live out their life in full and positively impact the Black Community. So help me spread the word…